The Brando: Tahiti's Most Luxurious Gem and Eco-Resort

For centuries the paradise-like islands and atolls of the South Pacific have been the symbol of ultimate bliss. Comparisons with the Garden of Eden have been drawn ever since the first explorers arrived in French Polynesia. To this day, it’s a destination that attracts those who appreciate beauty in its purest form. Previously only available to the Tahitian royalty, the atoll of Tetiaroa is where you will find The Brando, a first-class eco-resort that is nothing short of luxury.

Must-Have Rentals for Your Hawaii Destination Wedding

Whether or not you choose to have a design theme for your Hawaiian destination wedding and reception, the look and feel of your special day usually reflect some part of your personality. While some couples decide to go big on their wedding design, in reality you can go as big or minimalistic as you want and still achieve a great result - it's all about the subtleties! Wedding rentals have the ability to completely transform any space and event. Over the years, working on numerous weddings and o

Tropical Lu'au at Four Seasons Resorts Lanai

While the majority of events we work on are weddings, there is nothing we love more as an events rental company than to work on a variety of different occasions. What better way to play around with new ideas, creative solutions, and truly show the tricks up our sleeves. The Lanai-based three-day corporate event for Box, Inc., a California-based company, was not only a fantastic creative challenge but also an incredibly fun opportunity for us to infuse the event with various exciting rental solutions.

Irish + Long Wedding at Olowalu Plantation House

Olowalu Plantation House is without a doubt one of our favorite wedding locations in Maui; an oceanfront haven with manicured lawns, majestic trees swaying in the sea breeze, and gorgeous tropical peaks in the background. Despite being so familiar, this dazzling place feels unique with each wedding. On Irish and Long’s special day, the already awe-inspiring Maui wedding location was infused with joy, playfulness, and charm, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.